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Welcome to the fourth - and final - revision of the secret
laboratory site of James P. Tyson, a.k.a. Jim Vicious.

That's me o'er there; during the week an aging, surly,
and disillusioned gear head slash electronics nerd
wasting what remains of my talent as a copier repairman.

At week's end however, with administration having
retreated to their tidy suburban abodes of painfully slow
middle class suicide by 1080p satellite fed improbable
sit-com scenarios, my freakish alter ego emerges and
the insanity begins.

The office 250 miles astern. At the workbench, glass of
ice cold corn liquor at hand and furry assistant at my
side - the defined and structured worlds of physics and
electronics collide dangerously with the whiskey fueled
debauchery of an angry compulsive fat man with
delusions of grandeur donning full pyrate attire .. In a

What could possibly go wrong?
This is my time.

Max Rockatansky scavenged the post apocalyptic
Australian wasteland for fuel with his Blue Heeler in a
blown 1973 Falcon XB-GT. For decades I pillaged
industrial dumpsters by night with my own faithful furry
sidekick Dana in a nitrous fogged "postal-apocalyptic"
semi armoured P-30 Grumman mail van in search of
novel consumer electronics to repair and trade - or
simply to salvage bits useful in realizing my own
personal goals of world domination.

This lifestyle abandoned in my 30's - finding myself
growing weary of regular harassment by local
constabulary for my admittedly unorthodox though
perfectly legal nocturnal activities, I attempted to
integrate into the 9-5 world of ineffectual middle
management, mortgages, and a Volvo station wagon.

Now after eighteen years of slow death by attrition,
preparing ... praying for the zombie apocalypse that
never came to pass while watching my best friend grow
old and die in a shit-hole welfare burgh, growing old,
weak, and obsolete myself, exceedingly poor lifestyle
choices, and finally losing my laboratory and being
incarcerated in 2016, I vow to return with a vengeance
and a whole new messed up anarchistic plan.

Daddy now has a bus and 62 Acres of playground in the
middle of nowhere.
This site, originally conceived 15 years ago in the style of tongue-in-cheek spectacle, primarily to share various electronic projects with my
mates at the Dutchforce Electronics Forum, subsequently edited into a kinder and gentler - less contemptuous public friendly format in the
hope that my content might be taken more seriously by my engineer-type peers, and finally abandoned twice - will once again return
embracing deviant sex, wanton arson, psychotic muse, and free thinking engin

Although this latest incarnation of Find Something and Burn it will continue to document my various electronic and mechanical projects,
engineering ruminations, and marginally scientific experiments, many of the projects themselves will no longer reflect some intangible need
to serve an actual purpose beyond the fact that the process of creating them pleases me immensely.

Other projects will perhaps maintain some semblance of sanity.
My ongoing, although admittedly sporadic
work of the last several years, the armored
and weaponized zombie apocalypse pyrate
beast - freed from her origins as a serious
(albeit failed) engineering robotics project
nearly a decade ago, now a retired daily
commuter currently languishing in our
horse paddock - will resume in 2020, if for
no other reason than a personal tenacious
antipathy towards things unfinished.

Her configuration influenced and
continuously amended by popular culture,
imagination, sudden bouts of anger,
random musing over a cup of whiskey, and
whatever interesting or novel components
may lay at hand, Projected completion
date... Well, I suppose I would like to
believe that she'll never be actually
completed. Instead, a perpetual work in
My immediate focus however - and the primary interim content of
this site - will by necessity shift to the construction of my recently
acquired 78 passenger bug out bus, once restored, to be fitted
with a self contained machine shop and laboratory for myself and
my closest companion - My German Shepherd Murphy, a.k.a. The
great fluffy Murph-O-Minion - in which to continue my perpetual
quest, off the grid and in relative solitude, for a secret portal back
to the nineteen eighties.

I will once again attempt to update this site regularly with the
various projects and general insanity that occupy my evenings
and weekends at my mobile bench. Comments are welcome if you
are experiencing any problems with the site, have any
suggestions, wish to send nekkid pictures of your wife, or just feel
like telling me to self immolate.

Regretfully, I'm exceedingly poor at replies - but I do read every
email and would love to hear from you regardless of my
misanthropic declarations. So grab yourself a comfy chair dear
visitor. Pour yourself an icy cup, and light a cigar - Because this
clown show is about to begin.

Jim Vicious, December 2018.
Living well is the best revenge.
But wouldn't you rather dance nude to "Goodbye
Horses" while wearing their faces?
Stranded in time.. Surrounded by evil.. Low on gas.
The March Hare Apocalypse Bus Build.
Bus Project Index
my projects
30 Years of Beastie.
Beast Project Index
Disclaimer: Although it may seem at a glance overly ambitious to list below scores of projects that to date exist only in my mind, many if not most, still
possibly years from seeing the bench, itself at least a year away - I believe that doing so will actually help focus and perhaps drive personal productivity. To wit, a
project proposed is a promise made. An oath sworn. To renege, the ultimate admittance to the entire world of having been a pedestrian clown these years after all.
A wannabe.

I do occasionally wonder introspectively at this age whether or not I still have it in me. Only time will tell.

I am certainly not the man that I was twenty-two years ago when I tackled the task of moving 150 cubic yards of dirt one hundred feet with a spade, in hindsight ..
What the fuck was I thinking?

I even occasionally wonder late some nights whether or not taking on the building of a bus was a bit more than a rational man might be expected to chew.

Such thoughts however, I believe are a result of being infected over the years by the unimaginative; the question that really should be posed - How badly do I
want something?

Although not an excuse for the last decade, being free of toxic people and surroundings, we're finally going to rock this.

Failure is indeed always an option, and I can accept honest failure. Something perhaps simply too far above my skill level that I was unable to make work. But to
dream and not to try?

I will die from thirst before drinking from the cup of mediocrity.

And so I unashamedly present a list of the things that I fully intend to complete before my fifty-fifth birthday. May 12, 2022.
This site last updated Sept 27, 2020.
Electronics with The Lobster Claw projects

-  A "professional" studio camera build for under $50.           

-  Idle hands: recycling EXIT signage.                                                

-  Pew-pew: Lasers in the mist.

Mad Max booby trap: More than a prop!

-  OFSS Elapsed time board.

-  Nixie tachometer.

-  Astrophone telescope.

-  Alien tone detector.

-  Nixie power supplies.

-  10 GHz microwave GUNN play.

-  Rotary dial lock.


Silicon and ichthys projects

-  Octopus component checker.

-  Bare minimum sardine oscilloscope.

-  Smoked oyster wrist watch using HPDL-1414.

-  Tuna miniature flyback driver.

-  Ultrasonic downconverter.


The glass footlocker - tube play projects

-  6E5 Eye tube play.

-  Hybrid compactron amplifier.


General bench tinker and vintage kit hacks

- 1970's spectrum analyzer.

-  A cheap Chinese spectrum analyzer.

-  Hand held range finders and LIDAR.

-  Speak and Spell.

-  Apple 2c.



-  Hawkbot.

-  Gazbot.

-  Pondbot.


They say that you can never go home

-  But my Grandfather's 1969 Ford has! After 42 years, the "Old Hoss" driver restoration project.


Other automotive Stuff

-  Stand alone semi-auto: Hacking the Ford AODE and derivatives.

-  The corpse of the Clown Vic.

-  Beast night vision HUD.

-  Exhaust gas analyzer.

-  Novel custom LED tail lights for the bus?



-  The lighthouse on Pikey's ROCK.

-  Analog Nixie clock.

-  Lite Brite electro-mechanical clock.

The long hard BTTF clock.

-  One square foot of perfoboard.

-  The X-ray photocopier.

-  Black top paint jet: Anti establishment slogans at 80 Km/h.


Machine Projects


Junk box jewels

Fellow Travellers & Kindred Spirits.
External Links to My People.
Yes, I have an Ex wife .. and yes, we're still
friends. In fact, I'm exceedingly proud of Joan who
has become a prolific author, musician, and artist.
Check her out at:
Striped Aardvark!
Tim Williams, who has patiently answered naively
formulated engineering inquiries and occasional
bizarre rad squish fueled ruminations (such as
how to best utilize the souls of deceased felines to
operate a diesel engine) these last 14 years:
Seven Transistor Labs, LLC.
The Glass Footlocker
Tube Play Project Index
Silicon and Ichthys.
Circuits on Tins of Fish Project Index
The Miniature Bench at Minus Twenty.
Electronics with the Lobster Claw Project Index
Laboratory Assistants and Co-Pilots.
All of my Friends - Index
Feb 2020 - Some links have been temporarily disabled while I reorganize my content.
This Was My Granfather's Last Truck!
(And I found her!) Old Hoss Project Index