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September 2020.

I find myself once again trapping myself with old habits. Instead of moving forward, again fiddling about with my content and
holding off regular publishing in an attempt to achieve some sort of Borg perfection. I know that I need to get on with things. I
blame inaction partially on my editor - I'm unable to publish pages individually if I've edited several since the last update - and so
loath to update (for example) the bus pages with others in shambles or incomplete.

The bus
has been coming along swimmingly, although with frost already on the ground, the season is coming quickly to a close.
One previously vexing problem sorted and solved, although now discovering that the rear exit door is virtually toast. I'm hoping to
squeeze some work into it these last few days of plus digit temperatures. Updates here on the March Hare VI page.

Glass half full of course, with the snow there'll be more time to muck about in the wee shop and get the house cleaning done

I've been tinkering with an "electronic ignition" circuit (Read: sending transistors into smoky low earth orbits) in an attempt to
resurrect an abandoned generator set, as well as moving forward with the transmission hack - the latter, as far as publishing
goes, is arsing me somewhat because I'm building things in a somewhat counter intuitive and unusual order. What can I say? I'm
a fettler, not a web developer.

Granddad's Mercury as well will not see any wrench action this year .. and quite possibly not even next. I think the bus shop will
have to be fully functional first, otherwise yet another heavy project little more than screwing around.

Falling behind on my Youtube projects as well - there's about 200 Gb of raw footage waiting to be edited, but again the bus has
taken precedence while the weather holds. This weekend I'll open a bottle of Kentucky's finest and dork around a bit in an
attempt to sort things out.

Occasionally I feel as If I'm failing when I pit my fucking about in the field against finely polished projects such as Bad Obsession
Motorsport's "Project Binky" .. but then have to remind myself that I
am in fact just one wired old man with hand tools in a field.