Yellow fever.
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Last updated Feb 9, 2020
Part I - A dream finally realized!

It need not make sense to anyone. Some people covet a Bel Air mansion, some fluffy arm candy,
others fortune. I have wanted a bus since childhood. I finally have one!

July 2018.
Part II - The unfortunate reality of the rust belt revealed.

I had expected a retired 14 year old bus to be a bit rough. Mine is total junk.

August 2108.
Part III - Forging ahead blindly.

Major structural surgery and the true crazy commences. The decision made to entirely rebuild the
bus from the ground up.

September 2018.
Part IV - An actual plan formulated.

Undaunted - or perhaps just stupid - I begin to build a bus with $150 worth of hand tools.

October 2018.
Part V - The wasted season.

A summer of real life sidelines the 'Hare build, but the year does end with the first new bus piece
going in.

September 2019.
Part VI - A new decade brings plague and promise?

Two months thereabout until the new build season begins.

February 2020.