Soldermy in sub zero.
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Last updated Jun 8, 2019.
An interim work space.
Lobster claws referring to the manual dexterity
afforded by half frozen arthritic old man hands
attempting to assemble circuits in the rear of an
unheated postal van.

The bus-shop is still some time away from being
able to support a floor, let alone a work bench. In
the interim, a quick and dirty work space tossed
together in the back of the old beastie, fed with
150 feet of frighteningly anorexic consumer grade
extension cord - missing the ground lug naturally.

Electronics, just in case I've been less than clear
at this point, has been my life long passion.

Despite the somewhat challenging conditions of
trying to be productive at twenty below zero, the
tiny mistress bench seemed the most obvious
accessible solution to satisfying my
need to build

Clearly a demonstration as to my .. dedication to
the craft.

Although the tiny frigid table is unlikely to produce
anything exotically utile in the next 12 months, I've
assembled a short list of relatively simple one or
two evening weekend projects that will allow me to
retreat with my cups to a happy place.

As well, as I may have mentioned elsewhere in
this site, a long standing dream of mine is to
eventually produce a series of Youtube videos of
sufficient interest to possibly support the
eventuality of that which I love doing most, may at
the end of my usefulness to industry, actually
generate a meager retirement income.

Frankly, I also like the
kitsch of being the big
crazy old bear of a fuck trying to build delicate
things in the back of a truck at the freezing point
of mercury.

What sane person does that?

I soon hope to welcome you to my personal 50
square foot POV clown show - Electronique avec
pinces de homard.
A quick bench tossed together with a bunch of finger
joint 2 x 3 laying about the place. Something .. anything.
Just to be able to tinker about.

Sadly, it just wasn`t working.

I could deal with the sketchy power feed and the sub
arctic temperatures, and for a time was just happy to
relax with a cup and a pipe late at night with the truck
darkened and bits on the bench glowing under the
blacklight, but the arbitrary disorganized layout and lack
of space which resulted in every movement knocking
something else over quickly grew old.

Ironically, this would have been my dream shop ..
In 1978.
Although still not built to purpose to quite the degree
that I would have liked, once again major dimensions
dictated by utilizing bits at hand between bouts of
freezing rain, I`ve managed to gain a 30 percent
increase in useful work surface, and nearly a 50 percent
increase in shelving. Within the same overall footprint.

As well, with summer rapidly approaching, I`m looking
forward to late nights at the bench with the rear `barn`
doors swung wide - fuck the mosquitoes.

Building around rear ingress and egress, as opposed to
side, and an unobstructed rear view over the pond, I
intend to reinstall Murphy`s passenger door platform so
that he can hang out with me again as I feck about into
the early hours of the morning.

After all, what
is an evil genius without his faithful
The passenger side shelves have been cut back and
utilized as bin storage, allowing me another 7 inches of
51 year old fat ass room between bench and rack.
A minor, but welcome improvement.

A pair of 350 VA UPS's discarded at work, and deep
cycle batteries borrowed from one of my robots, waiting
for a bit of wiring to feed them.

It may not be the Hoover dam, but it'll keep the test kit
and lights on when momma needs to use the microwave.
A work in progress to be certain. This particular
weekend in April coming to a close.

Two more days should do it.

There will be important lessons learned here though.
Lessons which I'll eventually need to apply to the bus -
albeit with nearly 5 times the interior floor space, the
bus-shop is going to require careful planning and
execution to be of any practical use as a work space.

If I can make the back of the wee old cramped
Grumman work, then I'll be golden when it comes to
fitting the 'Hare.
Still experimenting with placement, but I think we'll be
able to realize actual productivity with version 2.0.

With the Beast currently doing field flower duty, securing
the contents in place is not an immediate issue.

However, I've been considering putting the old girl back
on the road. I can get things
done with a mobile bench
outside the back of work during the weeknights.

This consuming the majority of my thoughts today as
each thing finds it's place in turn.

There are extra long zip ties, Velcro, and positive
fastening solutions for much of the crap, but I'm finding
that methods to secure the bins and the little bits on the
shelves that will make the wee shop an interim home
somewhat elusive.
May 2019. Yes Regis, this is my final answer. I like it.

To be certain, going from 5000 to 50 odd square feet is
somewhat of an adjustment, and my heavy kill 'bot army
will have to wait for the bus-shop build, but I'm positively
tickled by the results. It's comfy in there. I can work!

The P-30 Grumman is now considered Class C
commercial in Ontario (M.T.O. assholes) - so it`s back
to facility again. The insurance is steep, but my recently
received federal tax refund should cover the price.

We are officially nerds on wheels!
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