The neglected mistress recieves a rear end booty call.
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Queue The A Team theme. Dah-duh-duh-da-da-da-da!

If there was a spare length of structural tube laying
about, it would typically be utilized as yet another bit of
armour the moment that an Irish Whiskey fuelled
revelation of exactly where else that I might actually fit
yet another piece occurred.

Quarter inch thick side impact/sliders! Why hadn't I
though of that earlier?
Two generators, three batteries, inverter, solar trickle,
air, and a stronger more substantial redesign of the rear
basher. PITT this you fascist fuckers.

At one point possessing twin rear facing 14 pound
bowling ball launchers.

She's neither comfortable or fast, but at nearly 4 tons of
outfitted bull low and only 70's mech-tech necessary to
keep moving, there would be far worse options when it
all goes pear shaped.
Although equipped with several armoured cameras,
skulls tweaking the mirrors while plowing through the
undead hoards at the local S-Mart is still (presumably)
going to be an annoyance.

3/16" plate steel mirror guards.
I have a truck with freakin' lasers!

Arguably anemic lasers, but lasers all the same.
Too far perhaps?

Admittedly I`m quite surprised that the cops have yet to
mention the chainsaw. As well surprised that the
chainsaw hasn`t been stolen .. Then again, would you
risk messing with whatever kind of freak drives this

The skeleton arm was fashioned from two inch
glow-in-the dark safety tape. A picture found on the
Internet was printed then enlarged on a photocopier
until it more or less seemed to be the size of my left arm,
then the bones traced and cut with scissors. I thought
that I`d have to fidget somewhat to make it look right,
but the organic nature of the bone shapes is very
forgiving. This took less than 30 minutes.

In fact the carpal bones are entirely incorrect, but
surprisingly I`ve been okay with that.
I need more. More armour! Voilà - Le Penetrator!

Fourteen years have passed since I brought her home
from some shit burgh now disremembered. She`s since
been an R/C project, a failed robotics platform, a driver,
and a place to screw.

She made her way home under her own power a little
over a year ago .. and has since been left intact should
the Donald ever actually push those special buttons.

Unfortunately, until then - new insurance rules have
made her prohibitively expensive to drive, and so she no
longer does.

With my new bus project underway, I've considered
placing her up for sale. She'd easily find a new home for
five or six grand.
I can't help but think however that she still has a greater
purpose to serve. A unique and special destiny.

For the moment she may have become a miniature
cramped marginally useful electronics workbench space
frozen into a field behind the house. Interim home to the
future "Electronics with Lobster Claws" series of Youtube

Eventually though, with my bus, work, and machine shop
completed, I'll return my attention, insanity, and
imagination to elevating the old field flower into sheer
frightening off the reservation awesomeness.
Perhaps one day a time machine .. or a spacecraft.

My magnum opus.