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Truncating a P-30 has actually been a dream of
mine for more than 23 years, the original pencil
drawings put to paper between July and August of

The desire to drive an entirely unique one-off
unfortunately userped more than once over the
years by circumstance of volatile living
arrangements, if not outright homelessness, which
made disabling my plan B escape rig via Sawzall
not the most brilliant of ideas.

I suppose that I finally feel that I no longer need a
plan B. I am where I will hopefully die and be
spread among the remains of the beloved animal
friends which once frolicked along side me.

But that eventuality still hopefully not exactly next
month. There's still much wrenching to be done.

Beastie herself, sinking into the ground behind
the house, aside from doing current temporary
mini shop duty, really with no clear future at the
present time.

That just won't do.

The majority of the (body) materials required for
the depicted conversion already exist
in situ. It's
just a matter of reconfiguration. Indeed even the
rear 'barn door' windows can be trivially relocated
for crew cab duty.

To be certain, the March Hare bus/shop build is
my current priority and will consume virtually every
daylight hour of 2020, but the faithful old war
whore's future will
not be to return to the earth mid
alfalfa field in her present form.
We can rebuild him. We have the technology.
A Sketchup model of Beastie with the rear 7-1/2 feet of
the van body lopped into a pickup bed with integral tool